About Energy Armor Inc

Energy Armor is a family owned and operated company that manufactures Negative Ion products that are of high quality, affordable and unique. Energy Armor is a company built on a premise that “Puts People First”. All of our friends, associates, customers and employees play a significant role in our success. We are thankful to have the support of so many exceptional people. We want to help our extended family! Our goal is to support communities throughout the World. We also strive to create awareness in all communities about how Negative Ion exposure can help benefit those of all ages. One of our objectives is to offer support to those who genuinely need it. We contribute to charitable causes. We also support fund raising opportunities and give to organizations that need our assistance whenever feasible. Internally, we are environmentally sensitive and consider sustainable practices whenever possible. We are pleased to introduce our products to you and we Thank You for your interest in Energy Armor.


Energy Armor is a global company that manufactures distributes and sells negative ion based health and wellness products.

Energy Armor Negative Ion products are purchased by a wide variety of age groups and professions. From young students, to very active people to senior citizens. Our products are enjoyed by many and are cool to the kids and are also recognized as health benefiting by everyone else.


Energy Armor utilizes pure minerals and volcanic ash that is available from Mother Earth. We infuse volcanic ash, which is high in Negative Ions, into durable and medical grade silicone products for you to enjoy.

We pride ourselves on quality and we offer our products at a competitive and affordable price.

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