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Magnetic bracelets, have been on the market now for quite some time, but never has there been a real product that incorporates the meaning with what is really in each of these bracelets. Magnetic bracelets are not truly magnetic; meaning they will not attract to metal surfaces. Magnetic bracelets have negative ions infused inside or they should have negative ions. In our atmosphere oxygen atoms play a vital role and are very abundant. Oxygen atoms have both negative and positive ions. Nature sometimes rips these atoms apart and oxygen looses one of its electrons. Negative ion electrons are the reverse to positive ions and as a result the balance of positive and negative creates a magnetic field. Negative ions are great for purifying the air, getting rid of odours, and provide mental and physical health benefits. You can wear our magnetic bracelets everyday and we sell a variety of colors to match your clothes, support your favourite team and or foundation. Below is a complete catalogue of negative ion products you can use to shield yourself and get the edge you need with Energy Armor!

Magnetic Bracelet Catalogue


Magnetic Bracelets Give You More Energy With Negative Ions

Magnetic bracelets on the market and that have sold in the past use electrical fields can help balance your body. By balance we mean, from exterior and interior mechanisms. We certainly promote the use of negative ions, which is an ion with a negative charge that orbits an atom. Atoms will lose an electron/ion and particularly a negative ion due to electromagnetic currents. EMI enduces the chemical bonding process that causes molecules to break apart and turn into other elements. This is important because our current society and many of the environments we live, work, play, and discover have electromagnetic emission. It is EMI that breaks off or causes the chemical change in molecules and positive ions are the direct result from the blast of EMI. Negative ions catch on to pollutants, dust, pretty much any object and bond with it. Positive ions do not bond as easy. The purpose of a magnetic bracelet is to infuse as many negative ions that will act as a shield to the many positive ions that exist in our EMI radiated environments. This suddenly balance will really tune your body. We have had great feedback on our version of our magnetic bracelets; try one today and get the edge you need.

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